Exercise Gone Awry…Kinda

Exercise Gone Awry…Kinda

iGallopVisited the mall recently? Walked into Brookstone and examined a few of their massage chairs?

Well, OSIM comes with an interesting device that’s “clinically proven” to operate the glutes, mid-section, and abs. It certainly works something.

You will find numerous viral videos available concerning the iGallop (or uGallop – based on whom you ask). Listed here are a couple of my top picks.

Should you got $350 and wish one of these simple, mind to Brookstone and obtain yours. Or you got a bit of big dollars, mind to Hammacher Schlemmer for which they’re calling The Mechanical Core Muscle Trainer. Fancy name, same product however they want $1500.

I’d just make certain to obtain a brand new one and never the ground model (take my word about this one people).
The Five Axis Mechanical Core Muscle Trainer.

Hammacher Schlemmer Homepage

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