French Anti-smoking Ads Draw Debate

French Anti-smoking Ads Draw Debate

“Smoking means being present tobacco” may be the tagline from the latest anti-smoking campaign appearing out of France.

Well, that’s all fine and good, however the posters which have been circulated to spread that message are causing a media firestorm.

The 3 ads show teenagers on their own knees with cigarettes between their lips, their faces in a man’s waist, searching submissively into his eyes.

The mind from the Non-Smoker’ Legal rights Association, Remi Parola, states the ads were an essential key to contacting the youth demographic:

“We observed the traditional anti-smoking campaigns no more got across among the youth. We thus needed to use another means by to raise awareness…We were surprised at the extent from the media buzz. But it’s most importantly a note of public health that got across.”

What is your opinion?