Hydration Bladder That Blows

Hydration Bladder That Blows

20120214-223708.jpgIf you’ve ever used a hydration pack and located yourself requiring water from this somewhere besides drawn the mouth area, I’ve got a solution for you personally The Geigerrig Hydration Engine. This new, top rated, hydration system works with any kind of of hydration pack, and features a pressurization system that enables the consumer to squirt water in the drink tube. I lately purchased one of these simple systems from TheClymb.com.

The Geigerrig I got myself showed up from TheClymb.com via carbon neutral shipping as well as in minimal packaging. The 2 liter product is similar in dimensions with other brand’s hydration bladders and it has most of the same features. However what sticks out immediately may be the second tube and connected bulb pump. This pump can be used to pressurize the hydration system which enables the consumer to spray water in the drink tube. The opportunity to spray water in the drink tube may be the defining feature which makes this technique much better than every other. Having the ability to spray water in the drink tube enables you to definitely share water, not germs, spray your neck and face to awesome lower and wash dirt from gear and from wounds.

Pressure bulb and tube could be detached in the hydration bladder using the push of the mouse and left in your own home for individuals worried about excess fat and bulk. That coffee tube can be taken off using the push of the mouse too. The bite valve around the drink tube can be used like other hydration systems, by squeezing it together with your teeth the valve opens and water squirts on to your teeth. Or make use of your fingers to squeeze the valve and to produce pressurized stream water. Used to do get in my testing the valve tended to drip, when left on view position. Fortunately the bite valve includes a twisting shutoff valve integrated to the finish from the tube. To prevent the undesirable water loss, all I needed to do was twist the bite valve in to the closed position.

Not the same as other hydration bladders I have tried personally, that one is straightforward to wash. These system included a nylon brush and it was like attempting to wash a limp baby bottle. Using the Geigerrig all you need to do is slide the closure clip from the top, achieve your hands inside and pull the entire bladder thoroughly. Then you definitely drop the entire bladder in to the top rack of the dishwasher for any thorough cleaning. And when you forget how it operates, the instructions are printed directly on the bladder for simple keeping.

When compared with others I have tried personally the Geigerrig is definitely the simplest to fill too. Certainly one of my other hydration bladders includes a small hole within the top you need to hold precisely within faucet to fill, and then any hands along the side of the bladder to aid the load from the water causes it to spill or otherwise fill completely. My first hydration bladder were built with a 4 inch lid that needed you to definitely pour water in to the bladder although it was laying horizontal on the flat working surface. As well as the lid would be a bear to thread and shut correctly. The very best finish from the Geigerrig bladder opens completely for simple filling by sliding a retaining clip from the folded over opening as well as for safe maintaining your retaining clip includes a lanyard connected to the bladder so you’ll never lose it. After this you unfold the seal and open the bladder. One for reds from the bladder opening is reinforced for stability and offers and ideal grip for holding the bladder open while filling up. And again, should you forget how you can open and fill the machine, the directions are printed around the bladder.

This hydration system is definitely the simplest to wash, easiest to fill and also the easiest to obtain clean freshwater from. Almost every other hydration system requires you to definitely suck water from your pack and on to your teeth, the Geigerrig blows pressurized water in the drink tube, and that’s why others suck!

Browse the video below in the inventor from the Geigerrig because he details all of the features and uses